22 July 2012

Pembacaan komponen SMD(surface mount device)


Pembacaan komponen SMD(surface mount device) Pembacaan komponen SMD(surface mount device)  - Mohon Maaf Artikel ini Dalam Bahas Inggris Jika Teman-teman kesulitan Silakan Gunakan translate atau kamus.

SMD Ceramic Capacitor Coding

SMD ceramic capacitors are sometimes marked with a code, consisting of one or two letters and a digit. The first
letter if present is a manufacturer code (i.e K for Kemet, etc.), the second letter the mantissa and the digit the
exponent (multiplier) of the capacitance in pF. For example S3 is a 4.7nF (4.7 x 10³ pf) capactitor from an
unknown manufacturer, while KA2 is a 100 pF (1.0 x 10² pF) capacitor from Kemet. Thanks to K7ITM for
providing this information!
Letter Mantissa Letter Mantissa Letter Mantissa Letter Mantissa
A 1.0 J 2.2 S 4.7 a 2.5
B 1.1 K 2.4 T 5.1 b 3.5
C 1.2 L 2.7 U 5.6 d 4.0
D 1.3 M 3.0 V 6.2 e 4.5
E 1.5 N 3.3 W 6.8 f 5.0
F 1.6 P 3.6 X 7.5 m 6.0
G 1.8 Q 3.9 Y 8.2 n 7.0
H 2.0 R 4.3 Z 9.1 t 8.0
y 9.0

SMD Electrolytic Capacitor Coding

SMD electrolytic capacitors are often marked with their capacitance and working voltage, e.g.
10 6V is 10 μF 6V . Sometimes a code is used instead, which normally consists of a letter and
3 digits. The letter indicates the working voltage and the 3 digits (2 digits and multiplier) give
the capacitance in pF.
The band or stripe indicates the positive terminal.
For example, a capacitor marked A475 is a 4.7μ F 10V unit.
475 = 47 x 10*5 pF = 4.7 x 10*6 pF = 4.7μ F

Letter Voltage
e 2.5
G 4
J 6.3
A 10
C 16
D 20
E 25
V 35
H 50

SMD Resistor Coding

SMD Resistors are usually coded with a numerical equivalent of the familiar three
band colour code. In the same way as wire ended components, precision resistors
(1% or better) may be marked with a four digit code.
The first two (or 3) digits are the first two (or 3) digits of the resistance in ohms, and

the third(or 4th) is the number of zeros to follow - the 'multiplier'.
Resistances of less than 10 ohms have a 'R' to indicate the position of the decimal
Some examples will meake this clearer:
Three Digit Examples Four Digit Examples
330 is 33 ohms - not 330 ohms 1000 is 100 ohms - not 1000 ohms
221 is 220 ohms 4992 is 49900 ohms, or 49.9 kohm
683 is 68000 ohms, or 68 kohm 16234 is 162000 ohms, or 162 kohm
105 is 1000000 ohms, or 1 Mohm
8R2 is 8.2 ohms 0R56 or R56 is 0.56 ohms

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